The site is a gently rolling, high desert plateau 4,800 feet above sea level. Overlooking a narrow valley to the south, it is framed by the Santa Rita Mountains to the north and the Patagonia Mountains to the south.


Characterized as semi-arid continental, climatic features include low relative humidity, abundant sunshine, light rainfall, moderate winds and a broad range of diurnal and seasonal temperatures.

• Winter: cool to warm days and cold nights, short overcast periods, temperatures ranging between the low 70's and high 20's

• Summer: hot days and cool nights, temperatures ranging between the 90's and 50's


This contemporary retirement home reflects a native style of this southwestern region. Adobe brick, an indigenous, low technology material is used throughout the house. The combined effect of the adobe mass and the double envelope design is the absorption of extreme diurnal temperature variations. Ventilation and cooling are effected by three underground, preconditioning tubes, and several interior ceiling fans

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Interior Solarium Total Sq Ft
2032 1072 3104