The steeply sloping site is on the east side of a predominant hill in the city of San Francisco with a background view of the downtown area and a southeast view of the south bay. The 25' x 75' lot with zero side yard setbacks is typical for residential sections of the city.


The "Golden Gate," surrounding hilly terrain and proximity of the central valley inland create a unique microclimate in the bay area. Westerly winds are brisk and persistent making San Francisco the "naturally air conditioned city." This steady sweep of air from the Pacific causes little change in diurnal and seasonal temperatures. Total variation in annual temperatures is only about 20° F. Fog and low stratus clouds are predominant and a variable influence, particularly during the winter and summer months, causing wide contrasts in climate in short distances. However, the sun shines for varying periods almost everyday. The climate is further characterized by pronounced wet and dry seasons with rainfall almost exclusively during the winter months.

• Winter: mild, temperatures average between the high 40's and mid 50's

• Summer: cool to warm, temperatures average between the mid 50's and high 60's, warmest months in September and October


This urban dwelling projects a traditional character of San Francisco architecture which is highly articulated by a variety of forms and styles with particular attention to finish details. The more horizontal orientation of the roof glass takes advantage of diffuse solar radiation during overcast periods due to the fog and low clouds.

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Interior Solarium Total Sq Ft
1367 878 2245