The site is a heavily wooded, hilly terrain in a rural subdivision near New York City. The trees are deciduous and provide exposure to the sun in winter and shade in summer.


A somewhat temperate climate in comparison to Upstate and New England areas; winters are cool, and summers are warm with relatively high humidity. Prevailing winds from the northwest produce a chilling discomfort in winter and a cooling effect in summer. Precipitation is consistent and abundant year round.

• Winter: cool, temperatures average between the high 20's and 40° F

• Summer: warm and humid, highest temperatures average between the high 60's and low 80's


This house was developed for speculative sale in an upper income market. The simple rooflines, and the style of its elevations and floor plan arrangements are in keeping with the New England tradition of the area. A full basement is necessary for this climate and design to provide sufficient depth and surface area of the earth mass, and the compact form of the house provides a favorable surface to volume ratio.

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Interior Solarium Total Sq Ft
2208 439 2647