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At water's edge, the site is a small, heavily wooded, hilly peninsula overlooking Long Island Sound.


There are four distinct seasons similar to the climate of New England. The ocean has a moderating effect on the extremes of the region; however, occasional strong winds produce a high wind chill in winter. Moderate to good solar insolation persists year round with occasional periods of overcast for more than a week.

• Winter: cold and windy, moderate snow and sleet, average temperatures consistently near freezing ranging between the mid 20's and high 30's to low 40's

• Summer: warm, temperatures consistently in the 70's


This large, spacious three and a half stories house sits predominantly on the site near the water and reflects the owner's preference for a traditional style indigenous to the area. In order to accommodate the desired east-west window area for views of the ocean, most of the east and west walls are double envelope construction similar to the double north walls and a part of the active air envelope surrounding the "inner house." This additional envelope construction is also added protection against winter winds and a greater potential for heat loss due to infiltration. Sea breezes and north openings to the active air envelope help ventilate and exhaust excessive heat gain.

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Interior Solarium Total Sq Ft
5750 1119 6869