Inaugural Voyage

Indeed, this is the first post on the Ekose’a Homes Blog – WELCOME!  Thru this window, we will look out from and into the double envelope home, exploring its role and evolution in an imperative movement toward energy independence and environmental sustainability.

Yet, the natural environment, driven by humanity is confronted by an ominous fork in the road, an extraordinary circumstance in history.  As drivers, we must be acutely conscious of the options before deciding on which road to continue our travels.  Fortunately, there are clearly marked road signs, one pointing to “Uncertainty,” the other pointing to “Greener Pastures.”  It’s a “no-brainer,” right!  But you may notice that the road to “Uncertainty” is all downhill, a road we can easily coast along and is very much like the road we’ve been traveling on to this point, except sharply steeper.  The road to “Greener Pastures” is uphill and windy, which makes it difficult to negotiate at first, but can be seen to level out and straighten in the distance.  However beware, should we choose to coast vs. climb, we will not be able to overcome the increasing momentum of our coasting should we decide to turn back.  So, what will it be, the ”high road” or the “low road”?  The choice is overwhelmingly crystal clear – who’s with us on the bandwagon to “Greener Pastures”!!!     

As a community forum, this is a place to share our experiences and knowledge, success stories, and lessons learned; always with the idea of elevating and focusing this information on making this planet a better place to live, work, and raise our families in harmony with one another and with the environment.

Our next posting will layout categories for organizing the various subject matters of posted information and of our discussions.  We hope this will be an informative and engaging forum, and we look forward to your comments and input.