The Ekose’a Homes Blog is our cyber bulletin board for posting new work and progress of on-going projects, as well as post-occupancy evaluations of completed projects.  Additionally, the Blog provides a forum for inquiries and comments related to our Home Designs and Concepts on the Q & A Page.

The Blog is a virtual  24/7 “town-hall” meeting place.  Here you can participate with us and other visitors in the sharing of relevant knowledge and experiences, as well as in constructive discussions concerning Ekose’a Homes and a broad range of “green” topics related to environmental conservation and self-sufficiency.  Example topics may include:

  • Renewable Energy Technologies such as solar and wind generated electrical energy and solar water heating
  • Other Passive Technologies for providing all necessary utilities without polluting the environment or consuming non-renewable natural resources.
  • Water Conservation and Management Systems including living machines for on-site treatment of bio-waste water and reclamation and reuse of rainwater and household greywater 
  • Greenhouse Gardening and Food Production (natural “blog-fodder”) which can be easily integrated into and become an important part of the Ekose’a Homes living experience
  • Products and Materials which are focused on increased longevity and reduced life cycle impacts on the environment such as embodied energy


Community Relations – Important to the sustainable growth and development of Ekose’a Homes is the cultivation of mutually beneficial relations within the Green Building Community.  To this end, our goal is to collaborate and partner with product manufacturers, pre-fabrication manufacturers, builders, developers, architects and engineers, and environmental scientists.  Please contact us about opportunities for reciprocal promotions and the integration of complementary products and services.

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